Next Generation Responsive Website

Think Insure responsive website previewWe are pleased to announce the upgrade and launch of a new website, Why do we call this the next generation responsive website you may ask. We developed this website to be fully responsive, it resizes and reorganizes data to create the best user experience for whatever device the viewer is on. This is not entirely new, nor is it our invention. Our point is that many companies are just realizing that this is now the standard. A few years ago it was just an option.

WordPress is extremely popular due to the easy content control it provides. As well, WordPress is a blog platform, and posting on a Blog regularly is a highly effective and recommended method for improving your website’s SEO. This website is not a WordPress site; however we did seamlessly integrate a WordPress blog into the site.

We included one of the latest technologies with this website called “structured data”. It is a new way of formatting different types of data which will help search engines (e.g. Google, Bing) to best understand your content.  This will improve your SEO efforts.