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Responsive Data Tables

I recently found this great bit of code for creating responsive data tables.  We are using it on this webpage to display the chart below. Simply drag your browser window smaller to see how it responds. We were also pleased that it works in the latest version of WordPress without any tweaking or modification. Incandescent / […]

What is an itemprop and why does my website need it?

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are all working together to help web developers and their own search engines to display more relevant data, the latest thing they have come up with is structured data. What structured data does is help to identify what kind of information is being diplayed on a website. They are already good at […]

Responsive website design templates

What used to be considered a feature and an extra function of a website has now become the norm, welcome to the responsive web design era. We have been experimenting with many different forms of responsive design including jQuery mobile, various WordPress plugins, and custom coding. I have just recently found 3 resources which are […]

4 level WordPress collapsible menu

I was having some problem creating a dynamic 4 level wordpress menu. I finally came across this script which works like a charm. http://curtishenson.com/dynamic-multi-level-page-menus-in-wordpress/ . I have attached a screen shot, Im sure the first thing you will say is that it is 3 levels. but I am starting at the second level and the […]

Creating cookies with PHP for Widows and Macintosh

I discovered a little quirk today when using a php script to write a cookie for users viewing preferences. Apparently you need to write them differently for both mac and pc. It drove me crazy trying to troubleshoot this. One way to write the cookie is as so… setcookie(‘viewingPreferences’, $myCookieVars, time()+60*60*24*365*10, ‘/’, ‘.www.darkstarmedia.net’); But on […]

Saveable and fillable PDF forms with image import

Have you ever seen a PDF which you can download to your PC and fill at your own leisure? How about one where you can import your own image into it? We recently had to create such a form for a client and were surprised on how little documentation existed on how to do that. […]

Pagination Upgrade

Hello, Please refer to my older threads regarding pagination. I have now added a back and next button to the code. <?php if ($totalRows_Recordset_paging > $number_per_page) { // this is my display $i = 1; // this is for the BACK button (next 5 lines) if($whichpage == 1) { } else {     $previouspage […]

mysql_pconnect Dreamweaver

I have recently troubleshooted a bug I have had for years. Dreamweaver by default uses mysql_pconnect when connecting to databases and this is considered bad practice for websites, (more info here http://ca3.php.net/function.mysql-pconnect ) Most servers only have a certain amount of connections and mysql_pconnect uses them all up and freezes database driven websites. The errors […]