Case Study: Custom Extranet and CMS for a Unique Business

BEI logoWe have just completed a project for a long – standing client (Bluestein Export Import Inc. a.k.a. BEI) which involved the creation of a content management and accounting system for their business. This project was unique as this client is the only company in their narrow niche. Finding an out-of -the box CMS or accounting system to meet their needs was first thought to be impossible. They tried other applications and found them to be lacking.
We have been working on this project piece by piece over the last 10 years and had a clear understanding of how the business works. Since the project was developed over 10 years, it was constantly evolving as BEI realized they needed more and more functionality. We therefore completely redesigned the extranet website to be more efficient, streamlined and user friendly (these were some of the top priorities). We added jQuery technology, better navigation, more control by the administrators and more effective PHP and MySQL coding.
The website helps BEI manage their businesses data, while avoiding the need to change their system to conform to an out of the box application. While out-of-the- box applications can be very effective and cost saving tools, some situations require a custom application, especially when the business is very unique.
Some of the main features of this website include:

  • Multi-user and security level management
  • Administrator can browse and work as any user
  • Content control for all drop down / select menus
  • Complex financial reporting for both users and administrators (users submit daily reports, administrators can summarize all reports)
  • Invoice creation with print capability
  • Expense reporting
  • Quick summaries and views of financial data
  • CVS exporting into Excel
  • Email notifications
  • Financial and report validation

We created an efficient and highly useful website which allows BEI to focus more on their business vs. their process. It uses modern coding practices and is designed to evolve to meet new requirements.