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New responsive website launched

We are pleased to launch a new responsive website for Evan Thompson and Associates, a Toronto-based communications coaching and content development firm. We rebranded, slimmed down, optimized, and deployed our very own Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Theme to create a responsive framework. In addition to developing the WordPress theme, we built a custom media gallery plugin […]

Common Mistakes of a DIY Web Design

If you run a small business these days, a strong internet presence is essential, which means … you’re going to need a website. The process is certainly daunting if you don’t know much about website design and the first question you need to ask yourself is do you go the DIY route or do you […]

Website Builder Review: Dreamweaver CC

In today’s post, I’d like to to talk a little bit about Adobe’s Dreamweaver CC program for building websites. While Dreamweaver has a bit of a checkered past, leaving many designers still believing its the same clunky software that wrote dirty code ten years ago; I’ve found that it can be used to do a […]

New responsive WordPress website with structured data

We are happy to announce the launch of our upgraded website. We realized that we were building responsive websites with structured data but hadn’t added those features to our own website (sometimes you just get too busy). So now we have made this website fully responsive to all devices, try it out on your iphone […]

Responsive Data Tables

I recently found this great bit of code for creating responsive data tables.  We are using it on this webpage to display the chart below. Simply drag your browser window smaller to see how it responds. We were also pleased that it works in the latest version of WordPress without any tweaking or modification. Incandescent / […]

Responsive website design templates

What used to be considered a feature and an extra function of a website has now become the norm, welcome to the responsive web design era. We have been experimenting with many different forms of responsive design including jQuery mobile, various WordPress plugins, and custom coding. I have just recently found 3 resources which are […]

Jar Creative WordPress Website Live

Wearing my hat as the website developer for Jar Creative I am happy to announce the launch of their new website. This website pushed the limits of WordPress theme development and I am very pleased to be have been part of the team which includes Designers, Creative Directors, Project Managers and SEO Specialists. One item […]

New wordpress theme launched – ORION

Another great partnership with Jar Creative to create a WordPress theme and website for ORION. Working with Jar we are always pushing the limits with WordPress, CSS and PHP to create these fantastic CMS (Content Management System) websites. This website was launched successfully last week and includes a custom theme, Mailchimp Integration, jQuery functions, Google […]

DarkstarMedia Mobile Website Launched

We are pleased to announce that we have just added a mobile version of darkstarmedia.ca. We were able to leverage jQuery Mobile to create a mobile compatible website which doesn’t just look ok on an iPhone or Android device, but is specifically designed to look great and flourish on these devices. We have also created […]

4 level WordPress collapsible menu

I was having some problem creating a dynamic 4 level wordpress menu. I finally came across this script which works like a charm. http://curtishenson.com/dynamic-multi-level-page-menus-in-wordpress/ . I have attached a screen shot, Im sure the first thing you will say is that it is 3 levels. but I am starting at the second level and the […]