What your website can do for your business

More and more people are turning to the internet to search for goods and services for obvious reasons; the internet is fast, convenient, and always “open”. Consumers no longer have to wait for regular business hours to find the answers they need, or to buy the products they want. It’s pretty safe to say that […]

Pros and Cons of Using Magento for your eCommerce Website

Magento is an open source e-commerce web application for online businesses. If you are seeking eCommerce software that allows for efficient scalability, then Magento could be it. This software serves both high end and low end online businesses, it has a free version as well as costly premium versions of the application. Online businesses are […]

Creating An Effective, Lead Generating Call To Action

There is a wealth of information and advertising happening on the internet. One only need do a simple Google search and they are bombarded with a barrage of goods and services offered by many, many businesses. As internet searches have become the primary way people locate goods or services they are looking for; it’s become […]

Is an eCommerce website right for your business?

Are you a retailer who is not yet selling online? According to Stats Can, over half of the internet users in Canada have made online purchases. Statistics Canada also did a survey revealing that “Canadians spent over $18.9 billion online for goods and services in 2012, (which was) a 24% jump from 2010” (CBCnews). Canadians […]

Effective and Efficient Web Design: A Planning Guide

When starting a new website project I often come into a situation where no planning has been undertaken. Instead, the client hands me a logo (maybe) and then asks me to start building their website. They believe that design should be the first priority, assuming content can be added in later, and if search engine […]

Custom WordPress eCommerce website launched

This week Darkstar Media is pleased to announce the launch of MyCustomKidsBooks.com. The website is a fully customized WordPress website and we added custom eCommerce features. The challenge the client had involved the nature of their business which was creating custom books where the customer need to upload photos and enter specific details related to what […]

Two new CMS shopping cart websites for Toronto clients

It has been a very busy summer here at Darkstar Media. We are currently working on 2 e-commerce websites which we will be launching and revealing soon as well as a custom extranet CMS website. For the custom WordPress shopping cart website the client is offering custom kids books where you add photos of your […]

Custom e-Commerce Shopping Carts

Darkstar Media has built a wide range of e-Commerce websites over the years. Why customers come to us is because we can build the shopping cart to specifications that will work seamlessly with their products and method of doing business. One very important feature to mention is that the shopping carts we build for you,  can be […]

Darkstar Media launches soYoungMother.com

We integrated a custom shopping cart into WordPress for this e-commerce website. A warehousing and logistics specialist was used to manage product inventory, shipping rates and automatic order placement. This guarantees that users would only buy items which were on hand and give them multiple shipping price options. We worked hand in hand with Jar […]