Mobile Websites

Responsive Website Launched: Triton Background Checks

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website, Triton Background Checks. This is a fully responsive hand coded website which has web form integration and clear “calls to action” which  lead users towards filling the forms. It works seamlessly with a WordPress blog which is used to handle all the latest news articles […]

6 Trends in Web Design to Look Forward to in 2015

Hard to believe we are in the last few months of 2014 already! As this year draws to a close, it’s only logical that as we look toward 2015, we begin to investigate the new trends in web design we may expect to see in the coming year. We have already seen the demand for […]

MailChimp Doesn’t Monkey Around

Creating an effective email marketing campaign can be time consuming and takes a bit of skill on the part of the business owner or marketing professional but it’s essential to any successful online business. Keeping track of all the different components of your marketing efforts is a job in and of itself but utilizing an […]

Website Builder Review: Dreamweaver CC

In today’s post, I’d like to to talk a little bit about Adobe’s Dreamweaver CC program for building websites. While Dreamweaver has a bit of a checkered past, leaving many designers still believing its the same clunky software that wrote dirty code ten years ago; I’ve found that it can be used to do a […]

Content Matters For Good Search Engine Rankings

Having high quality content is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that a website ranks highly in a Google search. Compelling content is likely to get shared in other places on the internet which will then create backlinks to the site. The amount of these backlinks that Google crawls is likely to have […]

Do you need responsive or a mobile version website?

You may have been reading or hearing about mobile or responsive websites recently and wondering what the difference is between them. If you own or run a website, this is an important distinction to know. Both types of websites target users who are viewing your website on a device other than a PC (i.e. smart […]

Next Generation Responsive Website

We are pleased to announce the upgrade and launch of a new website, Why do we call this the next generation responsive website you may ask. We developed this website to be fully responsive, it resizes and reorganizes data to create the best user experience for whatever device the viewer is on. This is […]

Responsive website design templates

What used to be considered a feature and an extra function of a website has now become the norm, welcome to the responsive web design era. We have been experimenting with many different forms of responsive design including jQuery mobile, various WordPress plugins, and custom coding. I have just recently found 3 resources which are […]

DarkstarMedia Mobile Website Launched

We are pleased to announce that we have just added a mobile version of We were able to leverage jQuery Mobile to create a mobile compatible website which doesn’t just look ok on an iPhone or Android device, but is specifically designed to look great and flourish on these devices. We have also created […] mobile is launched!

We are please to offer mobile websites which are not just mobile compatible, but specifically designed to run on  mobile devices such as an iphone or a blackberry. We have created a mobile compatible version of and the way to view it is of course, to use your mobile device. When users come to this […]