Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist

google searchSo your very excited, you have a great new website and want to share it with the world to generate some interest in your business. The problem is that no one is finding it and other than through word of mouth you don’t know how to let the world know your awesome website exists. So we have come up with this list to help get you started, it is by no means complete, but it certainly is a great start.

1.   Submit your website to search engines

I would recommend that you at least submit to the big three search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo.
For Google submit your content here:
For Bing submit your content here:
For Yahoo submit your site here:

2.   Take advance of Google Webmaster Tools

Create a sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools:  Google will then start to crawl your website and you will start coming up in Google search results, do this in addition to step 1.

3.   Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your website

Make sure your website message is clear. This is a very large task and we have more tips for this by visiting this blog about SEO. When you have search engine optimized your website, the search engine will be better able to crawl your website and you will be found more frequently when people search.

4.   Keep your content current, up-to-date and easy to find.

Don’t let your copy and content get stale.  Make a content  schedule for editing and adding new content.  The search engines like fresh content and a visually appealing and easy to navigate web design encourages users to come back again and again.

5.   Blog

A blog is great way to generate new content and draw users to your website. If you write something interesting, users will come back for more and share your articles on social networks. In addition, most blogs (such as WordPress) have update services which share every new article on news websites around the world. Other websites surf these websites for content to use and will sometimes pick up and re-share your content.

6.   Maintain Social Networks

Create accounts with Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pintrest, etc., and keep posting content from your website to these networks.

7.   Use Online Marketing Techniques

This is another big subject, one easy and effective way to dip your toes into this field is to use Google Ad Words. They have a very easy to use interface, which allows you to create and post ads on search result pages and partner websites.

8.   Aquire Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your website. This has two purposes, the first being that users from that site have a quick way to find your website and, in addition, search engines will find and crawl your website more frequently.

9.   Give away free stuff and discounts

Using your social networks, give away a few free products or services which will then entice people to come back for more and share your free stuff with their friends on social networks.

10. Send a Newsletter

Create an email newsletter which provides users with your offers and new content updates, which then link back to your website. Be mindful that you don’t send it out too frequently or users will ignore it. This also reminds people that your business exists and keeps you in the back of their minds.

In conclusion, avoid any blackhat or too good to be true offers from companies that promise instant traffic results. Patience is important as well as nurturing and caring for your website with new and improved content. Monitor your website’s health with free tools form Google which include Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. We hope this list helps to get you started with sharing your website to the world