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Champion Iron Responsive WordPress website launched!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Champion Iron website (www.championiron.com). This was a large project and Darkstar Media worked with OMG (Onside Marketing Group). Darkstar Media handled the graphic design, website development, and data entry and OMG handled the project management. Some of the features of this website include: Four Languages (English, French, German, Chinese) […]

10 User Experience (UX) Design Techniques for your Website

The job of a graphic designer and a web designer has many facets. There is more than just the creation of a product that looks good. Function is also a crucial aspect as any interface friction for the user will lead to dissatisfaction. This means there is a need to think about how people will […]

Twenty Fourteen Responsive WordPress Theme Review

To start off the new year I decided to play with the new Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme. It is fully responsive and aimed towards online magazine web sites.  After some initial exploring and figuring out the new features, I was pleased with this theme. Here is the demo website you can use to try all […]

Is WordPress the right web design solution for you?

Since I started building websites 12 years ago I have noticed a big shift in how website owners want to interact with their website. At the beginning of my journey I would typically create hard coded websites where all content was added by myself with HTML code. With this type of website, my clients would […]

Do you need responsive or a mobile version website?

You may have been reading or hearing about mobile or responsive websites recently and wondering what the difference is between them. If you own or run a website, this is an important distinction to know. Both types of websites target users who are viewing your website on a device other than a PC (i.e. smart […]

Using .htaccess to 301 redirect WordPress URLs to the Root

I recently had to move a WordPress blog from a subfolder named “/blog/” to the root of the web server, the blog portion of the website used to be in its own folder and seperate from the main website. I rebuilt the entire website with a new WordPress install and imported all the posts. This […]

Custom e-Commerce Shopping Carts

Darkstar Media has built a wide range of e-Commerce websites over the years. Why customers come to us is because we can build the shopping cart to specifications that will work seamlessly with their products and method of doing business. One very important feature to mention is that the shopping carts we build for you,  can be […]

4 level WordPress collapsible menu

I was having some problem creating a dynamic 4 level wordpress menu. I finally came across this script which works like a charm. http://curtishenson.com/dynamic-multi-level-page-menus-in-wordpress/ . I have attached a screen shot, Im sure the first thing you will say is that it is 3 levels. but I am starting at the second level and the […]

Darkstar Media Launches earth-line.com

We are proud to announce the launch of earth-line.com. The earth-line website was build using our custom CMS website as it’s base code and then customized with shopping cart functionality. It includes a newsletter builder, product management with dynamic SKUs, ordering, user management, and copy management on all pages. We are pleased to have worked with […]

Saveable and fillable PDF forms with image import

Have you ever seen a PDF which you can download to your PC and fill at your own leisure? How about one where you can import your own image into it? We recently had to create such a form for a client and were surprised on how little documentation existed on how to do that. […]