Saveable and fillable PDF forms with image import

Have you ever seen a PDF which you can download to your PC and fill at your own leisure? How about one where you can import your own image into it? We recently had to create such a form for a client and were surprised on how little documentation existed on how to do that. We tried to call Adobe and they offered little support. If you are interested in creating such a form we are going to do you a big favor and list out the steps needed to do so.

First some requirements.

• You will need Acrobat Pro 9 to create the form fields and save the PDF as rights managed
• You will need LiveCycle Designer (Windows Only)

1: Create your Form PDF in Acrobat Pro 9 and add the text fields
2: Under Advanced Menu – Choose: Extend Features In Acrobat Reader

Now if you just want text fields, this is enough, but if you want to give the user the ability to import and display an image, please follow the next steps…

3. Open LiveCycle Designer on the Windows platform
4. Open you PDF into this and Choose: Create an Interactive form with fixed pages
5. Open the Standard Objects and Choose “Image Field” (they have “Image” as well, don’t get confused) and drag it to where you want the image import.
6. Save and close the document.
7. Open the updated document in Acrobat Pro again and choose Extend Features In Acrobat Reader (for some reason this setting wont stay after using LiveCycle)
8. Save again, and now you are done.

Hopefully this article will help anyone looking to build this type of PDF and that you find our tutorial first and save yourself hours of research (and a bit of frustration on not finding any clear tutorials).