Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA)

The Ontario Association of Landscape Architects (OALA) website was a multi-stage project. Darkstar Media first designed and developed a custom continuing education credit system for the members. The second stage was a complete website redesign where we developed a custom WordPress theme, integrated woocommerce for all members payments and association events, developed a postal code search for Landscape Architects, as well as many custom content management tools.

Beststart Resources Shopping Cart

For the Beststart Resources Shopping Cart we created a bilingual (English, French) Woocommerce shopping cart website. Darkstar Media handled the custom WordPress theme development, Woocommerce setup and integration with Polylang so the shopping cart was in both English and French. Other supporting functions and custom page templates were created to manage content.

FASD Ontario

For FASD Ontario we created a bilingual (English, French) website which includes a postal code search to help users find local services.  We also designed a custom resource managing tool and search. Darkstar Media handled the graphic design, custom WordPress theme development as well as building custom made plugins for the searches.

Ontario Prenatal Education

For Ontario Prenatal Education we created a bilingual (English, French) website which includes a postal code search to help users find local resources. Darkstar Media handled the graphic design, custom WordPress theme development as well as building custom made plugins for the resource search.

Delmare Quality Foods

We designed and developed a custom WordPress theme for Delmare Quality Foods. In addition we ran a Google Ads Words campaign and set up a social media posting schedule.


For mycaminobed.com we handled both the design and development of the website with a very strong focus on SEO. It includes an interactive Google map which allows users to find the closest hotel to their current location while they are hiking the Camino Frances, as well as a search by stage element which allows them to plan their trip in advance.

Hatch Yoga

We provided  Hatch Yoga with a new business startup package. This included branding and print materials, web site design and development, Google Ad Words campaign, Canada Post flyer distribution and SEO for the website. These efforts were a success and Hatch was able to get their name out into the community and bring customers into the studio.


Bridge was a great website design project. We handled both the graphic design and website development portions of the project which included sourcing the website assets, SEO, and social media consultation.


Oakbridges is an evolving portal site which is used for generating leads to their online learning platform. Darkstar handled the website design, WordPress development, SEO, and helped with a Google Ad Words campaign.

Centre for Memory and Aging

For the Centre for Memory and Aging we designed and custom coded a Bootstrap WordPress theme. It is fully responsive and the blog portion is synced up to all their social media for quick delivery of content to their followers.

Edson Legal

We designed and developed this responsive WordPress website with SEO as a top priority. We paid special attention to calls to action and landing pages.

Monster Gym

This is our second upgrade of Monster Gym. The website supports both French and English and is fully responsive.

Champion Iron

A responsive WordPress theme was designed and developed for Champion Iron. We used custom WordPress functions to manage calls to actions throughout the website and the home page slideshow. We also designed the site to accommodate multiple languages, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) being a priority. We imported and organized all existing content from the original website, which was quite extensive (consisting of approximately 250 news releases, each presented in two to four languages).

Kanara Medical Spa

For Kanara Medical Spa, we handled the graphic design of the logo, website and all print materials. We also developed a responsive custom WordPress theme and handled SEO (Search Engine Optimization), including the keyword research.

Triton Background Checks

This is a fully responsive, hand-coded website which has web form integration and clear “calls to action.” These enable users to easily fill in forms. It works seamlessly with a WordPress blog which is used to handle all the latest news articles and company announcements. We paid special attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Triton currently promintently resides on page one of Google and we plan to keep them there.

EcoHome Financial

This is a good example of the customized WordPress themes that we have been developing recently. It includes easy- to -manage content, including the callouts. The calls to action are managed quite simply with WordPress widgets using the built in WordPress WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get).

HP: Hewlett-Packard

For this project, we created many different Flash presentations and software demos which were used by the HP team to train and sell a new product they were launching. We were involved in the design and development of this project from the ground up.

Arbor Memorial

We are pleased to have worked with Arbor Memorial on creating this website theme. One of its most notable features is a geolocation funeral home finder where users simply enter their postal code to access the closest location, or search by province and city. The website is also integrated with HubSpot.

Think Insure

A fully responsive website development which includes structured data, WordPress integration, and custom CMS (Content Management System) functionality.


We developed this WordPress theme to accommodate two languages: English and Inuktitut. We built a customized Google Map tracking system to monitor the activity of their ships travelling back and forth to the Island.


For Blissology.com (Eoin Finn Yoga) we built this innovative shopping cart website which allows users to download yoga videos directly into iTunes with a complete CMS (Content Management System)for all products and orders. We encourage you to check out his website and try some of his yoga exercises., We did, and have been loyal followers ever since.

ORION Networks

Another great partnership with Jar Creative resulted in the creation of a WordPress theme and website for ORION. When working with Jar, we are always pushing the limits with WordPress, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) when building these fantastic CMS (Content Management System) websites.

Waterford Wedgwood

The challenges with this website involved the presentation of two large brands and thousands of products. Our solution involved a database driven website with a customized CMS (Content Management System). The website is divided into two sections – one for each brand with each section following the brands’ look and feel while confirming to users that they are on the same website.

Cremation Basics

This site utilizes a lead management WordPress theme. It uses Google’s geolocator to help offer target users locations while providing them with accurate pricing. This website was designed with effective calls to action to ensure a quick user response.

In Your Face Swag Inc.

We recently developed a shopping cart website using Shopify, which is fully developed E-Commerce CMS (Content Management System) website tool (in the form of a ready to use shopping cart). The client asked us to help customize the design and modify some of the cart features to better reflect the customers’ products. We also consulted on how to use Shopify and created the majority of the content.

Jar Creative

In my role as the website developer for Jar Creative, I am happy to announce the launch of their new website. This website pushed the limits of WordPress theme development and I am very pleased to be have been part of the team. One item I developed (of which I am especially proud) is the image-focused blog seen on the right.


We integrated a custom shopping cart into WordPress for this e-commerce website. Shipwire was used to manage product inventory, shipping rates and automatic order placement. This guarantees users would only buy items which were on hand and give them multiple shipping price options.

Getoutside Shoes

Get Outside Shoes is a long-standing client, for whom we recently launched a mobile version of their website which harnesses the power of jQuery Mobile. This website is a branch of a very successful retail store. It includes a full CMS (Content Management System) feature for managing all content, a tool for managing orders, a newsletter tool, plus all the features one would expect within an online shopping cart.

Green & Clean

In building this site, we included a CMS (Content Management System) for managing all content, which includes text in both English and French, images, and the call outs and calls to action. The ability to create custom meta tags and descriptions is included in this website as well, which is important for optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

True Energy Consulting

We designed this website and then adapted our graphic design work to a fully responsive WordPress theme. It was thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility for all devices and includes custom page templates and basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) setup.


We build this website with accessibility as our top priority. We included tableless layout, font re-sizing, descriptive links, and contrast changing as main accessibility features. We also built a custom CMS (Content Management System) to manage content for many of the site’s sections that require frequent updating.

Canadian Heath Matters

For Canadian Health Matters, we build a text messaging (SMS) function which allows users to send a text message from a phone to a website database, and then receive a response over their phone. This is an exciting new field for us, opening up endless possibilities for full interaction including lead generation, company intranet and customer promotions, to name just a few.

Ontario Hemophilia Society – Events

Given the Society’s frequent events and fund-raisers, Hemophilia Ontario needed a website to effectively promote their events and take payments. We built a CMS (Content Management System) to seamlessly manage the events with a shopping cart payment processing tool and reporting functions.

NLCi – Your Real Estate Lawyer

We started this project by designing a Flash animation, which was used for a television commercial. The commercial was such a success that the client immediately asked us to design a website with supporting print collateral. Among the services we built into this website were an online fee quote form, a questionnaire and a Google Adwords campaign. We also adapted the television commercial to create the home page.


These are some of the Logos we have designed over the years.

Prison Fellowship Canada

This website is one of which we are particularly proud. This fully customized CMS (Content Management System) – equipped intranet is used to manage all of the charity’s daily activities. Some of the features allow: the efficient addition and management of people to the client’s various programs; report generation, Excel- compatible mailing list generation, and quick postal code proximity searches.

Client List

We have developed in whole or in part many websites, here is a partial list of some of our past and present clients.

ACA – American Collegiate Adventures
Adour, St. Regis New York
Aerobics Factory
Asset Engineering
Astor Courts
Azure Restaurant
Bigwin Island Golf Course
BEI Transport
Bobby Motta
Brandman Agency
Business Builders
Caroline Debbanne
CHIMA – Canadian Health Information Management Association
Coyaba Resort
Deerfield Golf Club
Diamond Group
Disney Promotions
eCHN – electronic Child Health Network
Exclusive Group
Fluid Gear
Getoutside Shoes
GOES Transport
GO Oakville
H2 Central
Hawkridge Golf
Hemophilia Ontario
Hope Air
HP – Hewlett Packard
Intercontinental Hotels
iSpa San Francisco
I Do Barbados
ILC – Interprovincial Lottery Corporation
Jenn Playford
Join Info
Kids on the Move
Life Choices
Loews Hotel
Marriott Hotels Group
Maureen Tabuchi
Midwives of Ontario
Molori Private Retreats
Muffin Mat
Muskoka Livery
NAK – Neil Kilpatrick Design
NLCI – Real Estate Lawyer
Omesa Creative
OTF/FEO – Ontario Teachers’ Federation
Pace Technical Services
Paul G, Smith
PEPSPartenaires en Protection Scolaire
PESQ – Programmes d’Enseignement Sportif du Québec
Pool Spa Marketing
Prison Fellowship Canada
Real Muskoka
ROI Capital
Sitar School
Skillfully Yours
Spirt Halloween Fans
St. Regis
Stan Hunter
Susan Oh
Teachers Life
TES – Torbram Electric Supply
Toronto Rehab
Tribus Entertainment Group
TRIEC – Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council
Wax Cay
Waterford Wedgwood
Windermere House

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