Content Matters For Good Search Engine Rankings

google searchHaving high quality content is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that a website ranks highly in a Google search. Compelling content is likely to get shared in other places on the internet which will then create backlinks to the site. The amount of these backlinks that Google crawls is likely to have more of an effect on the ranking of a site than traditional SEO methods such as use of keywords. It might be beneficial to use the services of a professional content writer to produce content for you web pages. As well as ensuring that the content is professionally written, a content writer will also have the required knowledge of other SEO techniques that can be included within the content to improve the site’s ranking in a Google search. It’s also important that the content of the site is updated regularly. This will keep the website fresh and encourage visitors to check back often.

Having a business website that uses responsive design is another SEO technique that a website can use to improve it’s Google ranking. A responsive design means that the same website code can be viewed on a number of devices. The way the site appears on screen would depend on the device that is being used to view it. This can save the business a lot of time and effort as you will not need to create different sites for different devices. It is for the same reason that a responsive design is also beneficial for SEO purposes. Google will not have to differentiate between desktop and mobile content and it will not sort the backlinks to a site in terms of this content either. Therefore all the backlinks that a site receives will be used to determine its ranking and these will not be separated depending on the type of device that has been used to create them.

The use of structured data may also improve the pages ranking in Google. This will allow the person who has made the search to identify the contents of the page before they click on to it. Structured data indicates to a person exactly what they will find from the page should they choose to visit it. Content that is relevant to the search that has been made will therefore attract more visitors, and the amount of visitors may increase further if the content is high quality.

The algorithms that Google uses to search through the contents of a website have been adapted so that those that use black hat SEO methods will not achieve a high ranking. Keyword stuffing is an example of this type of technique which can actually damage a websites ranking rather than improve it. Keywords were traditionally used by search engines to identify sites that were relevant to the term that had been searched for. People started to take advantage of this by engaging in a process known as keyword stuffing where the keyword would be used on a page as many times as possible but not always in a way that would make sense. Google is now more likely to mark a page like this as spam so when creating content care should be taken not to overuse keywords.

The use of black hat SEO techniques may initially improve the site’s ranking but it will not take long for Google to work out which techniques have been used. Once this has happened the site will be labelled as spam and may even end up being banned altogether. Black hat techniques should be avoided so that long-term damage is not done to a sites ranking.

Increased traffic to a website can lead to increased sales and so attracting traffic needs to be a priority for any business. A site is more likely to be found by prospective customers if it has a high ranking in a search engine. Google is arguably the most popular search engine that is in use today and so ranking highly in Google will be of a huge benefit to a business. By employing the SEO techniques that have been discussed here and avoiding black hat techniques, a business can improve it’s ranking in Google and increase the amount of traffic and sales that it receives. However, attracting visitors will have no benefit to the business at all if the content of the site is not good enough to retain the attention of these visitors.